Any buyer choosing seller prefers eBay member with a long history of auctions and the highest percentage of positive reviews. Ideally, negative reviews should not be quite. Or better, that such a transaction occurred some time ago. Everyone can see a breakdown of the estimates for 1, 6 months or a year.

You can also read the last few reviews to have some idea about the seller. Details of the seller rating must represent an honest appraisal, as it is made anonymously.

If you look at the comments and a detailed rating, you can make an objective opinion about the seller. About the reasons of negative reviews, it is recommended to find out separately. Often you can see the seller's response to negative feedback explaining the causes of the problems.

One who sells things, interested in how to get only positive feedback. Feedback tells you how reliable the counterparty.

Whoever has large volumes of sales on eBay are not always able to track the success of each transaction on time. On a negative review you can respond in two ways.

Initially, you should answer. A replica of the seller allow you to develop a balanced point of view.

If necessary, you can contact the administration. There are strict rules governing the reasons for removal of negative feedback, eBay only removes the abusive reviews and slander.

Prevention is the best cure. It is advisable to liaise with the buyer to complete the transaction. It is advisable to ask for feedback to find out about potential problems. Possible troubles are better to resolve before receiving negative feedback.

In 2008 eBay changed the feedback system. Originally, community members could leave mutual feedback. However, the ability to leave negative feedback dissatisfied customer creates problems. First of all, there is the effect of "an eye for an eye". The buyer leaves negative feedback, the seller immediately responds in kind.

Opinion used to be able to be withdrawn. It has encouraged individual members to intimidate reviewers. Now the buyer does not have purchase history, can not leave a negative feedback to the buyer. Detailed statistics of users has also become a large step forward.