In today's world we spend a lot of time to travel from point A to point B (work, traffic, house, Villa, etc.). And there is a stereotype that when riding on the bus, train and even sitting on the passenger seat in the car man, should not be movable. Move is not acceptable-defiance! But at a constant position of the body, his lymphatic system is clogged, breathing stops perform massage of internal organs, and the muscles generally are in a relaxed state, which is extremely fatal to them.

But in any situation there is a way! Basic gymnastic exercises are quite suitable to perform them in a seated position.

For a start, take care of a stiff neck. Just do it while riding is not recommended, because then the concentration decreases on the road.

1. Turn your head right and left to stretch your stiff muscles.

2. Tilts forward and back, tilts the main maximum stretch the neck from the seventh cervical vertebra to the crown. No goal to get to the chest or drop the head back. The main thing that will help to renew the blood supply to the brain is Makushenko effort up!

3. The head tilts left and right, the force is also directed up!

4. "Look down, look up rotational movements of the head is rolled at the maximum radius.

Even if you don't feel that your neck is cramping, you still need to take care of her. Please note that time of workout cervical main focus of effort is the top, since our goal is to stretch your muscles, not the intervertebral discs. Next, to stretch your back, turn around in different directions, stretching hands toward a nearby seat to enhance the effect, you can stick to hands for the seat and slowly pull the body to the side of the arms.


There is a popular exercise called "cat". Bind hands into the lock, round back, and the hands pull forward, removing his hand from himself. Then vegimite back back and hands behind your head. This exercise not only allows the muscles to warm up, but also to strengthen. Besides, it's not a bad start to stretch. Resting his feet on the floor, and neck in the seat, lift the pelvis with a sigh and lower with the exhale. This exercise can make any passenger and the driver, if he is in traffic. During long sitting in the transport, all fluid flow to the lower extremities, i.e. the feet to warm up enough straightening and tightening of the waist band and its rotation.