Thoughts most people can read the eyes, so train yourself to stare in the eyes. However, it should not be done too obviously. Follow the pupils with whom you are talking. It is the pupils talk about what you are thinking at this point what was troubling him and what he fears.
The pupils focused on the upper left corner. This means that your interlocutor is at this moment thinking about something visual, trying to remember something. It turns out that he currently is in front of some image. Ask him what color suit he wore on the anniversary of his dad's, and you'll notice that the other person raises pupils in the upper left corner of the eye.
The pupils focused on the top-right corner – the source of dreams. At the moment he is thinking about something unattainable, making plans for the future, dreams. By this method it is possible to recognise someone who always in the clouds and most of the time dwell in a world of illusions.
Man always looks to the left at this point in his consciousness slip soundscapes. It can be someone else's words, phrases, or statements of other people. For example, during exams, students often turn their eyes or head to the left in thought on a given issue.
The source is constantly looking to the right he attempts to find the right word. Most likely, he at the moment feels somewhat awkward or simply doesn't want to hurt you, so try very carefully to find the right expression.
Pupils are focused in the lower left corner – the source is completely overwhelmed by his thoughts. During the conversation, he is totally focused on itself, reflects on the problems and inner feelings.
Pupils are focused in the lower right corner – the source is immersed in his memories. He's trying to recreate the feelings experienced by them.