Relax. The more you think about it, the more shy you become. Your nervousness could be misinterpreted.
Focus on one eye. Throwing eyes from left to right and back is a manifestation of uncertainty and carelessness. Select the left eye of the interlocutor, as the right part of the brain responsible for emotions but controls the left side of the body. If you can't focus on the eye, try to look at the nose of the person. You can also look at the eyebrows of the interlocutor, which will also create the illusion of looking directly into the eyes.
Calm down. Just look directly into the eyes of a person safely and naturally. Constantly remind yourself that you enjoy talking to this person, and this is not a reason for concern.
Listen. If you're completely absorbed in what you saying, you will forget the problem of his view. You just naturally focus your eyes on the eyex of the speaker. Remember that maintaining eye contact is confirmation that you interested in your conversation. Moreover, listening carefully to you show respect.
Learn to speak the eyes ofmi. For example, not taking a quick look, if something else requires your attention. If someone called you, do not lower the eyes, as if that call saved you from boring conversations. Instead, apologizing, answer the call, looking slightly to the side. Do not abruptly discontinue your eye contact, which you so diligently studied.
Smile eyesmi. Even eyesmi one can Express a smile and peace of mind. And the most important thing for a nice conversation. The hostility in the eyes, or stretched a fake smile, as a rule, make awkward conversations, and people will probably try to get you to say goodbye.