You will need
  • one kilogram of cucumbers
  • - one head of garlic
  • - a bunch of dill
  • - tablespoon of salt
  • - transparent package
To pickled cucumbers turned out delicious and crispy, they need to be properly prepared. For pickling it is advisable to take cucumbers of the same size, so they are all evenly absorb salt. Small strong cucumbers cover with water two to three hours. In order to make pickled cucumbers with garlic for this recipe, cut off the ends of cucumbers on both sides.
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Take a transparent plastic bag and fold it over the cucumbers. One head of garlic peel the cloves, RUB on a small grater or chop in a blender. A bunch of dill, wash and finely chop. Garlic and dill put in the package.
In order to prepare freshly-salted cucumbers with garlic and dill, add to it the number one tablespoon of salt. Shake the package so that the contents well mixed. Place the bag of salted cucumbers in the fridge. 12 hours cucumbers ready to eat.