First, the bitterness appears when the vegetables contains large amounts of nitrates. Products getting on store shelves, should be tested by chemical analysis, but in spite of this, the products with an excess of nitrates can be on sale.

Second, there are varieties of cabbage that are prone to bitterness. Cauliflower or Brussels sprouts can taste bitter due to improper cultivation.

To get rid of the bitterness of cabbage, it should be dipped for a minute in boiling water.

How to remove the bitterness from the cauliflower

  • Before cooking sprinkle cabbage with lemon juice.
  • Before going to roast or simmer the cauliflower should be boiled or scalded with boiling water.
  • To get rid of "bitterness", cabbage soaked in salted water.

How to get rid of bitter taste in sauerkraut

  • On the second or third day after the starter with a wooden stick or a knife you need to pierce the salted cabbage in a few places. Then the cabbage for cooling placed in the refrigerator or cellar.
  • If the salted cabbage is bitter, it can be washed. It is important to remember to wash exclusively in cold water. If you put cabbage in hot water, it will lose most of its nutritional properties.