You will need
  • - special set for removing car radio;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - the user manual;
  • construction Hairdryer;
  • - new cladding
Open the hood and remove the negative terminal from the battery, to disconnect the onboard power supply system. This precaution because when removing the radio you can accidentally short circuit the wires. Carefully read the user manual of your car. It displays a description of the process of dismantling the radio. If you do not have a printed manual, you can download it in electronic form. Get basic knowledge about the audio system of your car by examining the special forum dedicated to your model.
Remove the facing part. They are basically plastic covers that cover the socket screws and give the dashboard a more aesthetic appearance. Veneer is attached with plastic clips or pins. To remove it, you need to carefully pry one of the sides to separate the attachment. Be very careful. If you bought a used car, the previous owner could glue the veneer. So do in cases when the latch is broken. If you find that your veneer is glued, you will need to gently heat it with a building dryer to melt the glue. Then gently peel off the plastic and will strip the space beneath it. Veneer need to buy a new one.
Take special tool to remove the radio. Now sold as the universal sets, and adapted for a particular model. Unscrew all the screws holding the fixing frame. Also need to Unscrew the screws of the adapter, if you have odnodnevka radio. Insert the special tool from the kit into the holes and maximize click on it. Radio needs to get out of the inner recesses. Sometimes it is necessary to dismantle the glove box to get access to the back side of the socket, in which is inserted the cassette. This allows you to push the radio back. Gently remove the housing. Unplug all the pads wires from the radio. Try not to drop the wire into the hole, so as to get them out is very problematic.
Contact the nearest garage if you don't have the skills to remove the radio. Also you should turn to professionals if at any stage you understand that you can't complete on their own procedure. You will be happy to help remove the old audio system and install new, as well as provide a guarantee on work performed.