Do I need to hill tomatoes

If you are thinking whether you should Spud the tomatoes, then the answer is definitely "Yes". Many growers noted that the hilling of these plants significantly impact on their development, and only for the better. For example, the stems of the tomatoes become thicker and stronger which allows nutrients to reach the appointed place (the fruit) is much faster and in larger sizes, and the strength of stalks and increases the tomatoes easily handle even large fruits. After earthing up around the stems of the tomatoes are formed small grooves, which during irrigation or rain water accumulates (it gives additional nutrition to the plant until the next watering). In addition, the ridging is a kind of loosening. Such procedures facilitate the flow of air into the soil, saturate it with oxygen, and as a result hilling destroyed the superficial crust already does not contribute to the delay of moisture at the roots of plants, saving tomatoes from podgnivaniju roots.

As Spud tomatoes

To properly Spud tomatoes, you need to purchase a special rake or hoe for hilling these plants. Once the tool is available, and after transplanting of seedlings will take place not less than ten days, you can start hilling. To do this in the morning or evening, pour the plants, wait for some time (at least hours), then gently, in any case not touching the roots of the tomatoes, hoe Pogrebite the soil from both sides of the plants to the stems. The optimum height of the seeding is seven to eight centimeters. Over time hilling the tomatoes need to be repeated. To find out whether it's time to hill the plants a second time, just look at their stalk: slight bluish color at the bottom - the first positive sign.