What burns my right ear

Right side has long been considered responsible for positive emotions, so if the right ear burns, you are talking about you only good. Here's someone you now praises and paints in the paints as you are a wonderful person. You mentally begin to list the names of your friends when you accidentally guess who you now remember the good word, the right ear will immediately stop burning.

It is also believed that the right ear was burning when someone is very much looking to meeting you. Perhaps this old friend or the person with whom you have not communicated.

What burns my left ear

If your left ear is burning, somewhere about you, gossip and slander, to Express displeasure with your actions and statements.

There is another interpretation – if the left ear burns, somebody is very unpleasant conversation, in which he mentions your name in a neutral manner.

What burn both ears

When both ears are burning it means that someone remembers, and very strong. It is possible that you will soon meet someone who thinks about you now. When both ears are burning, it is not clear, good or bad thinks about you. However, it turns out at the meeting.

What ears are burning on days of the week

If the ears are burning in the Monday – to quarrel, scandal, breaking. Tuesday, resentment, separation. Wednesday – an unexpected pleasant meeting. Thursday – good news. Friday – assignation. Saturday is a nuisance. Sunday – cash profit.