You will need
  • - two glasses of milk
  • - 100-150 grams of cheese
  • - two tablespoons of green
  • - three eggs
  • - two cups of flour
  • - salt to taste
  • - vegetable oil for frying
In order to prepare delicious pancakes with cheese and herbs, pour the milk into a bowl for breeding test. Break three eggs, add warm milk. Beat with a mixer.
Two cups of flour sift and add to egg-milk mixture. Beat with a mixer.
Dill or parsley wash and finely chop or grind in a blender. Add in the weight and whisk blender.
Cheese grate on a coarse grater and adding to the batter, mix well. Baking pancakes with cheese and greens, it is best to use cheese varieties.
Heat a good pan for baking pancakes. Pour into the pan a little vegetable oil for frying. Once the oil has warmed, large portions with a spoon pour the batter. Podrumyaniv on one side, flip the pancake to the other side. The pancakes are delicious hot. Serve them with sour cream or sauce.
Grind in a blender with some herbs and a clove of garlic. Add 250 grams of sour cream and whisk on the mixer.