Pancakes in old Russian cuisine was prepared exclusively for the carnival. They were considered the symbol of, along with the winter hunger began working spring, which was a step towards obtaining a new crop. The classic pancakes were dense and thick – they were offered as a main dish, not dessert.

Now thick pancakes boast is not accepted. More common "quick" pancakes, light, almost Lacy.

What you will need for cooking pancakes

Pancakes are not only delicious in themselves – they love to add another sweet jam, condensed milk, sour cream, honey. Pancakes can be stuffed with any fillings. The result – combined with a bold test of the stomach provided heavy food in large quantity. To maintain the normal figure, it is better to choose low-fat ingredients.

Most popular pancakes on milk. It is possible, depending on the preferences and to choose store-bought and home-made milk – more fat. You will need the following products:
- milk – 0.5 l;
- flour – 200 g;
- egg – 2 PCs.;
- sugar – 1 tablespoon;
- salt – 1 pinch.

How to cook pancakes

Eggs and milk need to get it out of the fridge before kneading their temperature should be close to room.

The eggs have beat well in a bowl – you can use the mixer, whisk or just a fork. Add salt and sugar. The sugar should be added without fail – even if you plan to cook pancakes, stuffed with a savory filling like meat or salad. The dough will turn out so much tastier.

The mixture is added to milk, can be mixed. In a bowl put a sieve and vsypaya flour through it. And lumps easy to remove and the structure will turn out airy and delicate. The dough for quick pancakes the flour is added in several stages, in small portions, the dough must be constantly stirred. Ready pancake mix consistency should resemble thin sour cream. Pancakes with milk to bake so it will be much easier – easier to spread the dough on the pan, and the roll-over will not collapse.

To cook the pancakes on the fire, put the frying pan and well nagulivajut. The bottom smear with vegetable oil. Scoop the batter with a ladle and pour on a hot griddle, spread on the surface. The first side to bake two to three minutes, then have to turn the pancake with a spatula to the other side.

The finished pancake out onto a plate and grease with butter or fill with stuffing.