Nutritionists are constantly reminding us about the benefits of oatmeal, but always prepare them porridge uninteresting. These cutlets are perfectly diversify your table.

For cooking chicken cutlets with oatmeal you will need: chicken (breast or ready chicken meat – 500 g oatmeal (choose the most finely ground) – half of conventional faceted glass, and condiments (onion – 1, 2-3 garlic cloves, black pepper, paprika, herbs, salt to taste), half Cup of milk (you can substitute with water), one egg.

Cooking chicken cutlets with oatmeal

1.Pour oatmeal with water or milk, break there egg, stir and leave the mixture for half an hour.

2. Finely chop the onion, garlic, herbs, mix it all with minced meat. Mix. Don't forget to add salt.

3. Put the minced meat with spices to the cereal. Mixture mix well.

4. Lay beef patties on a frying pan greased with butter (you can use butter or vegetable). Fry chicken cutlets on medium heat from both sides, and then stew them on low heat under a lid until tender.

Useful advice

Such cutlets will fit a variety of side dishes – for example, traditional fried potatoes, vegetable salads.