How to cook vegetables in a slow cooker

Modern crock pots have many functions, and therefore indispensable in the preparation of vegetables. As an example, quickly fry the florets of cauliflower or broccoli, sprinkled with your favorite spices – maybe sweet paprika or herbes de Provence. Non-stick bowl, available in most slow cookers allows you to cook this dish without using oil.

People involved in sports, or for other reasons restricting calories, to taste and zucchini with sweet peppers, prepared using the slow cooker in mode "a couple". To the vegetables turned out delicious, you can sprinkle with lemon juice.

Those who are not afraid of high cholesterol and extra pounds that we can recommend to cook in a slow cooker fries. To do this, pour into a bowl vegetable oil, heat, put the dried cubes of potato and cook with the lid closed until ready. Salting the fries better after removing from the slow cooker.

Very tasty and pumpkin pudding. When cooking this vegetable dish, saute the pumpkin slices, then saute onions, add raw egg, blender and bake, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds.

How to cook vegetables in the oven

In the oven you can cook the vegetables in two main ways: baked in foil or parchment, and under any sauce. The first method is good for potatoes, sweet peppers, large pieces of cabbage, kohlrabi. Before baking prepare them, Pat dry, RUB with salt, if you limit table salt – herbs and spices. Wrap in foil or parchment – the more thoroughly you do it, the better you have vegetables in the oven. It is recommended to bake them at a moderate temperature (not exceeding 150-170 degrees). A heated oven prevents the preservation of a significant part of vitamins and minerals.

Deciding to cook vegetables in the oven under one of the sauces, it is important to slice correctly. Carrots, beets, root celery, other root vegetables, shred with a food processor. Zucchini, eggplant, tomato, sweet pepper – cut into slices. Onions – depending on what vegetable dish will cook chop dice or cut into half rings.

When choosing a sauce for roasting vegetables in the oven, give preference to butter or cheese. These sauces are the most in tune with the vegetable dishes. But remember – they, unfortunately, have a high calorie content. Those who adhere to the rules of a healthy diet, you can consider the recipes for sauces based on tomatoes, onions, garlic. Do not think that such sauces are only good cold. Vegetables cooked in the oven under the spicy, fragrant tomato, onion, garlic sauce, can be a real discovery even for gourmets.

Another sauce, extremely suitable for cooking vegetables – mushroom. And it can be cooked porcini, dried in the autumn of xerocomus, and boletus oil or it will go to frozen mushrooms and vegetables, baked in mushroom sauce is a great dish for lunch or dinner with the family.

How to cook vegetables on the grill

In a host of modern appliances there are three kinds of grills: contact bilateral (thermal electro-heating elements located on both sides (top and bottom), this grill closes like a book), contact one-sided (bottom heat element) and a grill providing a cooking through infra-red radiation. To cook delicious vegetables can be in any of them.

Choose vegetables for grilling better soft, maybe even a little immature. In this case, they will not turn to mush and will keep good form. Especially the recommendation for tomatoes is to cook them using a grill.

Before preparing vegetable oil prepare the marinade. The perfect combination of olive oil and lemon juice in equal proportions. You can add garlic, spicy herbs or spices – imagination is limited only by your taste. Apply the marinade to grill vegetables is necessary before cooking. It is better to do a silicone brush. Add or not at this stage, salt and pepper – also a matter of taste. Professional chefs serve them with vegetables. As a rule, salt to the vegetables it is better to take the sea, and the pepper – grinding at the table.

How to cook frozen vegetables

The stores offer a wide range of frozen vegetables. Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green peas, corn, green beans, and mixtures thereof in various combinations and a wide variety of assignments – it's all there even in small towns.

To cook frozen vegetables, enough to decide what dish you want to offer your family. However, there are several tricks through which frozen vegetables are especially tasty. For example, if you decided to make vegetable casserole, simmered the mixture in a casserole to come out of her excess fluid inevitably remains after defrosting. And only after that put in a baking dish, season with spices and maybe drizzle with sauce.

For cooking frozen vegetables should do just as well. The only difference is that after poaching such vegetables as are recommended should be patted dry with paper or cloth towels. Best frozen stewed or steamed, then intermediate heat treatment is losing relevance.

Deciding how you want to cook vegetables, it is important not to ignore the issue than to serve them. In almost all cases, to vegetables, whether cooked in a slow cooker, baked in the oven or steamed from frozen, needed the sauce. Exception – if it has already been used in the cooking process of vegetables. Another support that should be provided in advance – bread. Ideally, this should be multicereal whole-grain bread or bread made from wheat flour. Such types of bread are well suited to the dishes of vegetables.