You will need
  • - set spacers;
  • - new springs;
  • rubber with a high profile;
  • tools;
  • - cotton gloves.
Make General cleaning in the car. During daily operation in the car accumulate a huge amount of unnecessary things that add weight to the car. Because of this, the load on the suspension is increased and clearance is decreased.
Try not to carry long heavy loads such as bags of vegetables or a set of old rubber. This has a negative impact on the springs, they begin to lose their elasticity.
Check the operation of the suspension. Raise the vehicle on a lift or Jack. Carefully inspect each rack. A broken spring could cause a sharp decrease in clearance.
Install spacers that allow you to lift the car. Usually they are sold by the kit. Before buying, make sure that the purchased kit spacers designed for installation on your Ford Focus car.
Remove the wheels. To do this, Unscrew all the bolts that secure the hub and disc. Grasp wheel and pull. Remove the disc from the axle hub.
Remove the bolts holding the rack. Gently pull it out of the recess. Carefully read the instructions that came with the kit inserts.
Install the inserts and fasten them with cable ties or plastic clamps.
Check the length of installed springs. Very often cut off a few turns to down. In this case, you must purchase and install the new springs. Buy spring only that brand which is recommended by the manufacturer.
After the installation of the first car may be a bit bullied. Don't worry, after two or three days of operation of the machine the springs will SAG, and the clearance will decrease.
Supply tires with high profile. This will increase ground clearance by about three to five centimeters. It is also worth considering that a high profile well-smooths out all the bumps in the road, so the suspension is much less pressure.