To remove Baidu Chinese program from the computer, go to "control Panel" via "start menu". Select "add or remove programs". Wait for the update list and note the top row. Among them will attend one or more programs, the title of which is the word Baidu or characters.
Remove all package program Baidu from the list. The difficulty would be that all the actions and buttons in the removal service Baidu will be written in Chinese. However, in the bottom of the window there are buttons, one of which will be highlighted. This is the cancel key, which when pressed, the deletion will be stopped. You need to click on another, unselected button, as it indicates the actions for "Next" or "Delete", and eventually will remove Baidu from your computer. Follow the same steps for all programs with similar names.
Sometimes the program Baidu does not appear in the list of installed programs in "control Panel". In this case, go to the Program Files folder on your hard drive, right click the mouse on the empty area in it and select "Arrange by date modified". Now note the folder modification date which corresponds to the installation date of Baidu. Each of them have a file with the recycle bin icon or the computer. This removal service. Run it and proceed as above.
There is another method to remove Baidu in the Chinese language with the computer. In "start menu" go to folder "utilities" and select "system Restore". Specify the recovery point as of any date preceding the date of occurrence of the Baidu on the computer and perform the operation. After restarting, the computer returns to its original state, and it will not program Baidu.