You will need
  • - square wire
  • - round wire of a smaller diameter
  • - beads
  • - pliers
  • - pliers
  • - transparent adhesive
Using the pliers, separate the square from the roll of wire in 5 lengths in 23 cm From each edge, measure 2.5 cm and mark with a Sharpie. Grab tip of wire with pliers and twist flat spiral up to the mark. Repeat on the remaining pieces.
spiral wire
Place the segments of wire close to each other. Make sure that of the underlying edge. Measure a piece of round wire is sufficient for 6 turns around core segments. Make a wire hook on the end of a thin wire, put it on a square piece starting from the base of the spirals make 6 turns. The beginning and the end of the round wire must be on the same plane – this is the inner part of the bracelet.
connection details
Measure 2.5 cm and lightly fold one square of the wire on each side, put them on busine and again connect all the elements. Cut a piece of round wire and obvate base as in step # 2. Follow the ends of a thin wire – they must be on the same side.
bracelet wire
Mark cut in 8 cm. Fold the square rods of the segments and string on each wire with 5 beads. If you want to lock a certain position of the beads, use a transparent glue. Again connect the elements in one bundle at the marked point. Repeat the winding in 6 turns of thin wire.
wire and beads
Repeat steps 3, 2 then fold the ends of the wire in a spiral as in step 1. Give your bracelet a semicircular shape, and wear with pleasure and pride.
the finished bracelet
Using this method, but varying the size and number of beads, you can create unique bracelets with your hands.
bracelet from wire and beads
The wire can be patinirovanie at the end of work and then your jewelry will be vintage jewelry.
patina and wire