A delicate bracelet of lightning

The appearance of the bracelets of lightning will depend only on your imagination. However, the first products with their own hands to do better simple. So you nabete hand, understand the basics of skill and will know some tricks.

The main working material – zippers – you can buy at sewing stores, and to unpick old clothes. Please note: the length depends on your ideas. You can easily shorten any zipper as needed.
Bracelet will fit both long and short zipper. Metal or plastic – you choose. The first material looks impressive and will suit an evening look, the second is bright and perky.

For the manufacture of fashion accessories, in addition to zippers, you will need:
- transparent adhesive;
clasp for bracelets;
- Ushguli;
- scissors;
- additional fittings.

The easiest option of the bracelet is a narrow single product. Take a plastic bright lightning. Carefully cut the fabric close to the zipper.

Try separated the zipper, wrapping her wrist, if necessary, shorten it. Attach special fasteners for bracelets on each side. Your fashion accessory ready. You can slightly change it, making it more broad. To do this, create several thin bracelets and connect them into a single, stitched with fishing line or Nachev on fabric.

Beautiful bracelet of lightning for an evening out

Nice and original look bracelets from metal zippers. For a spectacular accessory better suited to contrasting materials: black fabric and gold zip, denim, and silver, etc. Fancy bracelets will help you create an interesting image.

Take a long metal zipper: it is double-clasp your wrist. Cut it in half and connect the two halves along. At both ends place a sticky with which bracelet it will be easy to fix on the wrist.
To connect the zipper, you can two ways. First: just stick one fabric to another part. Second: sew them together using a decorative stitch and contrasting/right color thread.

For the design of the bracelet you will need one or two more lightning. Their teeth may correspond to the teeth of a basis or to be a contrasting (for example, of non-ferrous metal). Divide the zipper and cut each side of the fabric strips. The resulting blank glue on base, laying the swirls, simple flowers, spiral patterns. Be sure to keep the glue has dried well. To design also can use glitters, beads or sequins.