Recipe oven baked hake

Hake, baked in the oven, so delicious, flavorful, rich and succulent, as the fish in the cooking process becomes impregnated with juice of vegetables.

For the preparation you will need:

- hake fillet - 1 kg;

- carrots - 160g;

- onion - 80 g;

- tomatoes - 450 g;

- lemon - 1 PC.;

- sunflower oil - 2 tbsp;

- salt, black ground pepper - to taste.

Use frozen hake fillets, which should be before cooking to thaw at room temperature. Also you can make out the fish at home. Heck defrost, cut off the fins, make a longitudinal incision, remove the innards. Cut the fish a good rinse, and then peel off the fillet, you got a beautiful mate, without any bones. Hake fillet cut into portions.

Onions and carrots wash and peel, then cut into small cubes.

In a frying pan in small amount of vegetable oil sauté these vegetables until transparent bow.

Tomatoes wash and cut into slices. On the foil put the fish pieces, seasoned with salt and ground black pepper. Also cutters heck it should be sprinkled with lemon juice. On top of the fish put the fried vegetables and cover with tomatoes.

Each serving meals wrap in foil and place on a baking sheet. Send a baking sheet with hake in oven preheated at 180 ° C. Baked hake should be about 20-30 minutes. The perfect garnish to a dish will be pasta, vegetables or boiled potatoes.

Use hake

Hake is one of the most useful and tasty cod fish breed. It contains very little bone, and they are very easily removed. The meat of this fish is lean and therefore included in the diet menu.

The meat of the hake suggest to use at cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and problems with the reproductive system. The nutrients contained in fish Hoek, help maintain blood sugar levels, and eliminate toxins. The only contraindication of the use of the hake are allergic reactions.