The moon is associated with 28-day menstrual cycle in women. But it also affects men. All people are experiencing the new moon and the full moon simultaneously with the night luminary. A habit has already entered to blame all sorts of factors in decline or excess of energy in humans. But moon phases are rarely mentioned. Women have lunar cycles to determine the cycles of your body, for example, ovulation. Men can also navigate by the moon, which will help them to better understand themselves.

The new moon is a time when people are more focused on themselves and not show strong emotions. This time, "dark moon". It is ideal for thinking through new ideas, create new structures. The period of the new moon contributes greatly to the mental work and less emphasis on the body. On a month men are less vigorous, especially for 3-5 days before the new moon.

The full Moon is another matter. As soon as Selena is growing, growing to its full size, the human desire to open up to the world is also increasing. And with it comes the need for warmth and physical intimacy. Passions boil.

Lunar effect on men manifests itself in numerous moments. Even for one day, when the Moon moves from one sign to another or forms an aspect with one or more planets they are exposed. Being in fire signs, the Queen of the night shows a strong gender with their animal side. In water signs it sets men to building relationships, the need to give their energy to your loved one and get something in return. Earth signs give the moon the physical and sensual quality, with more focus on sensory experience, involving the senses. At this time, the meetings may be accompanied by shared meals. "Air" is the Moon full of intelligence. Sensual pleasure then go for the stronger sex on the back burner.

Luna for men is like love. This guide cosmic beacon, which controls their passions and desires.

Both men and women can resort to the help of the moon to improve relations, to use energy and force in the full moon and not worry about the feeble passion of a young month.