Quartz lamp "Solnyshko" with regular use strengthens the immune system, compensates for the lack of vitamin D, cure infectious and skin diseases, inflammation of the joints, disturbances in the respiratory and vascular system. In addition, it can help to cure baldness, to sunbathe or to get rid of dust mites in the room.

Other names lamps - infrared, ultraviolet, or germicidal UV lamp. When choosing, consider the model.


  • Lamp Sun OUFK 1 – low-power small device, designed for performing procedures quartz treatment to children of any age. To decontaminate the entire room, you must move it from place to place – for room 12 sqm to 20 minutes.
  • Lamp "Sun" OUFK 2 – by increasing the lamp power, the device operates more stably and covers a large area. This model is not recommended for children up to 3 years and fits adults.
  • Lamp "Sun" OUFK 3 – real minsalary, it is possible effectively to sunbathe. Disinfection of premises is quick, to 12 square meters need 12 minutes.
  • Lamp "Sun" OUFK 4 is primarily intended for sanitary processing of premises from infections and viruses. Thanks to the spectrum of radiation it is able to destroy all viruses of the flu. Treatment of ENT diseases is also possible, but we need precise time and capacity, children up to three years, it is contraindicated.

Advantages of the lamp "Solnyshko"

At a low price lamp really has a lot of advantages. It effectively copes with many diseases, removing the acute inflammatory and pain processes, killing microbes and viruses. The lamp is very detailed manual, indicating the exact exposure time. Included are several tubes for the throat, nose, ears, and gynecological diseases.

Lamp Solnyshko : disadvantages

Like many other Russian instruments, the lamp housing is poor. Metal, no grounding, circuit Board and power cables located directly next to the metal walls. It is difficult to disassemble and even harder to collect.

The lack of a timer makes it not too comfortable performing procedures. Even the slightest overdose of UV radiation can cause the mucous will dry up and the disease will begin a new round.

It may be inconvenient, the fact that the lamp "Solnyshko" when enabled, creates a serious interference with TV or computer, sometimes even stop working some devices. Usually these problems are caused by old wiring.

Lamp OUFK "Sun" gives a powerful stream of radiation, which can damage mucous membranes, so it requires strict adherence to instructions. For example, when you turn the power off and the procedure will need to be in special protective glasses. However, the set only one pair of glasses, but they are not sold separately, so the child's treatment may be difficult.