What is a wood lamp, what and how it is used

Wood lamp is a compact and lightweight medical device, supplemented by a magnifying lens. Due to the small size and weight with the help of this device you can easily explore different areas of the skin. For illumination in this instrument uses a mercury-quartz lamp 18 watts. The device is used not only for examination of people and is used even veterinarians.

Conduct a survey with the lamp wood is very simple. This is done in complete darkness, though every person in the room must wear special protective glasses. You need to turn on the device and highlight to them the problem areas, carefully watching the change of color of light emission. Normal, healthy skin illuminated with wood's lamp, has a blue tint. Sensitive skin gets a purple glow. The area affected ringworm are highlighted in yellow, and the areas of the skin where the infection develops and the fungus green. A sign of inflammation – white glow.

Wood lamp is versatile and easy to use. This medical lamp is used not only in nursing homes, hospitals, cosmetology centers, but also at home, because it even a person without medical education can determine the presence of the disease quickly and easily, and make a preliminary diagnosis. In the case where the device is used by the doctor, use lamp wood allows you to assign individual treatment, without spending time to conduct biochemical tests.

Indications lamp wood

In cosmetic centers such medical device is often used for quick and quality diagnostics of the General condition of the skin. It helps to identify problem areas that are invisible to the naked eye, and allows appropriate treatment, contributing to improve the appearance of the patient.

With the help of wood's lamp detects dermatosis, mycosis, hyperpigmentation, favus, candidiasis and many other diseases. In addition, more importantly, this device allows quick and easy diagnosis in the case when the symptoms may indicate initial stage of development of various diseases. With its help diagnose lupus is the red, trichophytosis, rubrofitii, microsporia. The patient can be assured of complete safety device: it is enough to follow the simple instructions to avoid any side effects.