Portrait # 1: Neat

This man likes order in everything. His house is perfect cleanliness and perfect order. However, clean up needs wife, meekly obeying orders. Despotism in the family here, as in the army – the objections are not accepted. He will always find something to complain about.

Friends such a man is often cheerful and sociable, but at home he turns into a silent, serious and eternally dissatisfied boss. He just can't behave in the family on equal terms. Wife is a dumb slave, which is good to be able to carry out his instructions. These particular manifestations of despotism make the family members of this man is sad and depressed.

Such men like to go together with their wives shopping, in fact any thing should be bought under his vigilant control.

The wife of such a man is a being helpless, she's just tired and depressed. Children with a father also having a hard time. He always makes his comments: "slow down", "do not play", "no", "cost". This type of a domestic tyrant thinks that the offspring should be brought up in severity and no-nonsense. In the family of the tyrant is the place of physical violence.

Portrait # 2: The Narcissistic

A tyrant anyone hit will not. Narcissistic despot is simply not necessary – it is above that of domestics. The man is simply obsessed with his own person. He, as a rule, attractive and smart.

He sincerely believes that his interests are simply inaccessible to the understanding of a simple estimate, i.e. wife and children. These men build their family relationships so that others begin to really obey. Narcissistic tyrant builds a wall around itself, unauthorized entry into his world is strictly prohibited.This man would not stoop to primitive row, he simply will show his contempt and will behave in a detached and independently.

Narcissistic tyrants love to ill. They are constantly listening to yourself, to your health. This man can talk for hours about their illnesses, but they are very annoying when someone in the household suddenly falls ill. It was causing him discomfort and irritation. In his family no one should be sick, especially his wife.

Such family tyrants are useless in everyday life. They do not stoop to having to do chores around the house. They prefer not to draw attention to the burned out light bulb or leaky faucet.

To their children these men are cool. Children have, as a rule, very quiet and obedient. The wife must nurture their offspring so they didn't bother dad and not distract him from narcissism.

Sex is a tyrant only cares about his pleasure. It does not care about the feelings of his wife. He tries only for myself.

Portrait No. 3: Submissive slave

The most unpredictable type of a tyrant. In this psychological type at the same time gets in love with a servant and a cruel despot.

He is completely focused on the desires of his wife. For him the purpose of life is to satisfy her every need. However, only those desires which in his opinion are considered to be really important.

The wife of an obedient slave will never be independent. It is completely surrounded by his attention, she's simply no freedom of choice.

Such men suffer from frequent changes of mood. They are prone to protracted periods of depression. They often even threaten to settle scores with life, however almost never translate these threats to life.

His love for his wife will know all around. Children in such a family will be the main tool of psychological influence. Dad would always remind his children how much he loves their mother, and will try in their eyes to create the image of an ideal parent. This kind of tyranny is extremely detrimental to mental and emotional health of their families and loved ones of this man.

This is the worst kind of family tyranny. This man is very unpredictable, he can turn his woman in the ever-repentant and guilty creature, literally to terrorize her with his continuous psychological pressure.