The first days and weeks after the birth of a baby for new parents are in turmoil. Despite the fact that before birth they read a bunch of literature on the subject, I went through all the specialized sites in search of useful information, mom and dad still don't know how to behave and what to do, left alone with the baby.

But it's not as scary. You just need to trust your maternal instinct and intuition will prompt how to behave. A mom like no one else knows what is right for her child.

Most importantly, carefully monitor the safety of the baby and to follow simple rules.

• Due to the fact that the immunity of the newborn is not yet fully matured, before you approach the child to do them, should be mandatory to wash your hands. And anyway, you have to monitor his hygiene and the cleanliness of the room where the baby.

• Muscles of the neck of the baby is not yet Mature, so to keep yourself a head he can't. When mom takes baby in your arms, you need to remember to hold his neck and head.

• It is not necessary to coddle the newborn. Overheating is even more dangerous than hypothermia. Monitor the body temperature of the baby, keep him comfortable. After all, he can not himself control it.

• Need to observe the child's behavior. The mood changes, irritability and tearfulness can indicate that he is not well.

If you follow these simple tips and listen to your heart, familiarity with a newborn goes well, and after a short period of time when mom and baby get used to each other, it will be possible to start establishing mode.