The necessary conditions for the jet orgasm

  1. The right environment for relaxation and enjoyment. You can add interior candles, incense sticks or flowers, to get aesthetic pleasure from what is happening.
  2. Trusted partner, or a vibrator of a special form. You can use the objects together. Sex toy will help to achieve results faster.
  3. Spare bed linen or towels, as the female jet orgasms the surface wet, to continue will have to remove the excess moisture.

What to do to experience jet orgasm

Such reactions occur with stimulation of the point G. It is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 3 to 6 cm To the touch it is different from the surrounding tissue. If it is gently pressed in a certain rhythm, a sense of joy and light tension in the body. To work with your hands, sex toys or penis in certain positions. If early jet orgasms from the woman will have to learn some time. With regular training can take anywhere from one month to one year. Regular exposure to the desired point will yield results.

You should start with foreplay. The right attitude and excitement will help to have fun and workout. Sometimes you need to make your woman experienced a few of the usual clitoral or vaginal orgasms, and then only go to the point G. But it individually, try to start with different kinds of caresses, decide for yourself what is more suitable.

Happened to jet orgasm, you need to press hard enough on the inner area. Curved vibrator this can be very helpful. Of gentle touches continue to increasingly feel. It is important not to injure the sensitive skin.

Feeling ahead of the jet orgasm

In the process there is a strong excitation. Internal muscles tense up, do not need to compress them much better to try to relax. Muscles will shrink again, but, again, is to relax.

You may feel that I have to pee. It is very misleading to write in the excitation process is impossible. It is better not to pay attention to him, it quite often happens before the jet orgasm.

Stimulating the G-spot causes very strong emotions. Orgasm impossible with something to confuse. And at first the amount of fluid can be quite small. Only with continued training increases the strength of the jet and the amount of moisture.

It is worth remembering that jet orgasm is rarely single. If you continue the movement, then it will be followed and repeated.