Recipes oven baked salmon as much as chefs: the delicate flavor of this fish allows you to experiment with the ingredients, time and method of roasting.

It is very important to choose the right fish. Tastier and faster way to bake fish weighing less than 1 kg. it is Important to remember that in itself the meat of pink salmon is very dry, so it is not necessary to cut the bits of fat that are beneath the fins and belly, but the fins and the inside is immediately removed, in order to cooked fish bitter.

Best pink salmon, as any "red fish" is combined with lemon, black pepper (in any case should not take allspice, as he lost the flavor of fish), large sea salt and rosemary. Bake the salmon on the surface of the pan in the clear, and foil. The first method is suitable for those who love crunchy tasty crust, the second is ideal for lovers of juicy and tender red meat fish. The best side dish for baked salmon do not exist, you can choose to taste, but the most neutral flavors, accentuates the flavor of the fish are boiled potatoes with greens and boiled rice.

For cooking a whole salmon in the oven will need a sheet of foil, half a lemon black pepper to taste, coarse salt, dried or fresh rosemary (dried has a more pronounced taste, so be careful). If the meat seems dry, you can also add a bit of butter (30-50 gr.).

A whole salmon should be thoroughly washed and cleaned of entrails. Next, the fish must be laid on a large sheet of foil, season with salt, slit the belly to put a few thinly sliced lemon slices and 4-5 peas of black pepper. Fresh rosemary is best cut into small sprigs and sprinkle them on top of the fish in large quantity. Dried rosemary is more intense, it is better just sprinkle the salmon on top. To give richness should be put inside the fish pieces of butter. After that, the fish should be wrapped in foil so that poured out the broth, put on pan or cookie sheet and place in oven heated to 170оС. Salmon does not require a long bake, so 30 minutes in the oven enough. Longer cooking dries the fish and make it less tasty.

After that, remove cooked salmon and gently shift to the dish, trying not to spill the remaining in foil broth. Cooked this way the fish goes perfectly with fresh dill, lettuce and tomato (other greens has a very bright taste and can kill the delicate taste of the red fish). Additional sauces for baked salmon is not needed, as by cooking in foil it will be pretty juicy, but if necessary it can sprinkle them with lemon juice.

Oven baked whole salmon is a great holiday and weekday dish and goes well with white semi-sweet and dry wines.