First, you need to act. The following nine steps will help to find direction in life, when you find it difficult to understand himself.

Offer your services to people who need help. You already have skills that can help someone. Think of a way you could help another person to do something. It can be anything: learning English language skills basic computer programs such as Word or Excel, sending e-mail. There are people who need help to learn how to print letters on the keyboard to refresh the tape Novostei in social networks and doing other basic tasks. Devote time to helping others, you will be able to understand what you like to do and what inspires you.

Write about this blog.Maybe you are interested in a specific topic, define a career or business? Blogging helps to learn better study the subject. The blog is a great tool for learning, teaching, research, and communication. To start blogging is easy, and it allows you to follow the path of his interest. If you are interested to cook, write a few recipes and share them with friends and acquaintances. Blogging is much cheaper than owning a restaurant. If you love to write, write a blog with the aim to check how your skill resonates with readers. If the blog is associated with the career, write about those topics that are important to your business.

Read books.Many people underestimate the role of books, but it's excellent teachers, advisors and guides. The people who wrote them have left the priceless treasures of wisdom, instruction and knowledge. The most valuable of the books contain thousands of practical tips. Not ready to buy books in the store? Take one of them off the shelf at home, write down the most important thing in Notepad and apply in life.

Pay attention to what inspires you.At work and at home you are doing something just because you like it. What makes you happy, makes you happy and gives you pleasure? It is impossible to turn work into a real pleasure, but to fill the day more enjoyable moments quite real. Think about what you like and don't like to do at work and give more time to what you love.

Stay home and leave the native city. Do something outside the home. This activity does not necessarily have to relate to your career and life goals. View or do something new: visit a Museum, listen leziy, go to the bookstore, do something you never did before. Find free classes. Get inspired.

If you never leave the city, find an excuse to go somewhere: visit relatives in another village, city or country where you've never been, but wanted to go. In the new environment it is possible to meet soul mate, find a life purpose or to get an interesting job offer. In any case, you will see something new and look at your life from a different perspective.

Talk to someone besides the cat. Pets - great companions, but they have little to contribute to personal growth. If you're interested, we have a new area of life, find somebody with whom to talk about it. Ask this person to Express opinions, give advice and describe their vision of the issue. If you ask the question correctly, people are happy to share with you how they achieved their goals.

Find a social club. If you need to find a new direction in life, meet with people who are already doing what interests you. Go to a meeting. In any field of activities, people to counsel and discuss issues related to changes in the environment. Writers, freelancers, builders, restaurant owners - all arrange such meetings.

Work for pennies.While gaining experience, you will not earn a lot of money. But it's worth it. You will be able to test possibilities in a new field of activity, to meet people, get good recommendations and improve summary.

Attend courses and workshops.It may be Sunday courses or workshops that do not require large money expenses. Use this time in order to test their interests in new fields of knowledge. There are many courses that can be completed online.

Start small, each day adding to the next step. Try new things, to see how it will interest you. A little experimentation and learning a new material will provide a basis for you to be able to find a way and means towards their goal.