About the importance of consistency of the stuffing

Burgers – this is one of the most important and the most popular dishes everyday table. They rarely complete without a festive meal, and almost every woman considers it his duty to be able to cook delicious, juicy and beautiful burgers. But they were really breaking apart in the frying process, you need to know some important points of cooking.

The main reason why the burgers fall apart – the wrong consistency of the meat. You need to try to it was not liquid and not too greasy. To achieve this consistency, the stuffing add other ingredients.

White bread

This ingredient has become almost an essential part of any recipe for meatballs. To add the bread to the minced meat must first be soaked in warm boiled water (not milk!). The approximate ratio of bread and meat – 20% and 80%, then the meat turns out to be the most successful and delicious. Another important point - the bread should be firm or even stale and not have a burned crust.


If the mistress in the house no bread, but there is Manka, it is quite suitable to add to the stuffing, and the result will be not worse.

Per kilogram of meat takes a tablespoon of grain, which is thoroughly mixed with the meat, and then all that is left for a few hours to semolina swollen.

Potatoes and other vegetables

Instead of bread or semolina stuffing, you can add potatoes, carrots, cabbage, etc. Vegetables are rubbed on a fine grater and carefully mix with the meat. These ingredients will add to the meatballs unique taste.


It is best to use only the yolks, as recommended in the experienced hostess. However, this only applies to meat cutlets. Fish or vegetable patties eggs can be added along with proteins, that is, as a whole.

Most importantly - do not overdo it with the amount of eggs used, otherwise the cutlets will turn out like rubber, and will be very difficult to eat.

In addition to the composition affects the quality of the meatballs?

To burgers collapsed in the roasting process, one must carefully knead the minced meat until smooth mass.

If the stuffing is all right: it is qualitatively mixed, it includes bread or other additional ingredients, but the burgers still fall apart when frying, you can try to reduce the amount of oil in the pan.

Equally important to carefully flip burgers and make it better by using not one but two spatulas.

The beating of meat

Another equally important way to achieve strong and beautiful burgers is hitting the meat. In fighting off the meat fibers are softened, the meat becomes smooth homogeneous mass, and not osleplennye together pieces. Plus, after beating the formed meat juice, and chicken out with a crust on the outside and very juicy on the inside.

To beat the stuffing easy. If a lot of meat, it is better to split into several small parts. Each piece should be flat, but not thin Patty, which later will need much throw on the table.

Of course, this is best done on a flat, wide cutting Board so as not to get meat countertop.
Throw the meat should be at least 20 times, but preferably about 40. The purpose of this action is to ensure that the meat upon impact, does not crack, and spread over the surface. Thus it is possible to achieve smoothness, softness and homogeneity of the stuffing.

Patties of this beef that won't fall apart when frying.