You will need
  • - expert advice;
  • massage;
  • products-aphrodisiacs.
Experts distinguish between congenital and acquired frigidity. According to medical surveys, from congenital frigidity suffers only 7% of women. The second case is more common. Reasons for frigidity can have physiological, psychological and social background.
To the group of physiological causes include systemic and gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal disorders, pregnancy and childbirth. Psychological reasons are the fear of unplanned pregnancy, experienced trauma, rape or gross defloration, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, distrust of the partner, and constant conflicts in the relationship. Sometimes lead to frigidity sexual illiteracy and adelicate partner. Social reasons appear to the conservative force of education, when sex is presented to the girl as something dirty and obscene.
The diagnosis of "frigidity" can be supplied only by a qualified physician-sexologist. It and it's your job together to figure out what led to the development of frigidity, then the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Start with expanded survey and solve problems of a physiological nature, if possible. In the struggle for the elimination of frigidity effective physiotherapeutic procedures and physiotherapy exercises. Use such a wonderful tool like a foot massage. The one who will do you a massage, special attention should be paid to the points located on the midline of the foot. Do not avoid drug therapy, temporarily increase anxiety.
Psychological and microsocial causes a psychologist. It is important that during your appointment you feel comfortable and trust the doctor. In some cases, may require the presence of your partner. In addition, engage auto-training.
Think about your diet. It needs to be balanced, to include the use of products-aphrodisiacs. The latter include: avocado, artichoke, bananas, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, eggs, nuts and strawberries, seafood. And just fresh fruits and vegetables.
Develop their sexuality with the help of Latin dance, pole-dance, strip-plastics and yoga. Also in the treatment of frigidity you will help exercise the muscles of the vagina, because they tend eventually to lose elasticity. And again. Try to explore your body yourself. Knowing that it can be fun, it will be much easier to tell your partner about it.