Constipation can bother a nursing mother for a long time and a few days, or even weeks. And the problem usually lies not only in the diet. Digestive problems have been further aggravated by late nights, lack of exercise etc. as a woman through your milk transfers to the baby with different substances, including toxins arising from decomposition of food in the intestines, it is necessary to pay attention to their health and to solve this problem.

Symptoms of constipation in nursing mothers and its causes

If a woman remembered that she had not visited the toilet room, you need prismotretsa to yourself. Often constipation indicates a number of additional characteristic symptoms.For example, it can be:
- heaviness and pain in the abdomen;
- headache;
- drowsiness and lethargy;
- irritability;
- apathy;
- poor appetite.

The causes of constipation, after birth, in addition to natural problems, there may be other factors. So, for example, often in nursing mothers problems with defecation because of the diet. Many ladies in the lactation begin to strictly limit yourself to eating, trying to eliminate from the diet of potentially hazardous products. Often such zeal brings up the fact that the mother remains in the menu only buckwheat and chicken. Of course, her body lacks minerals and vitamins and develop digestive problems.

It is also one of the causes of constipation in the nursing mother include:
- the stitches the woman left after giving birth (because women are limited in their activity, resulting in the pelvis and the intestine appears stagnant);
- diseases of the intestines, preventing the passage of fecal masses;
- insufficient amount of fluid, which uses a young mother;
- too many food animal food (eggs, milk, meat), and insufficient consumption of fiber.

What to do

Naturally, the first method of struggle is the power correction. Nutrition must be balanced - and that's the key word. You can't cut yourself in the diet to the maximum. You just need to choose the right products and if you cannot use these or other food, to replace them with others that are similar in nutritional value.

In the diet of nursing mothers must be included those products that contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine. This vegetable oil, bran, whole grains, dairy products, vegetables - both fresh and boiled, black bread. An excellent option for the development of the intestine will be different fruit drinks, fruit drinks, etc. Also, doctors recommend to drink in the morning on an empty stomach cold water, which serves as an excellent stimulant of the bowel.

But from the use of products such as semolina, wheat bran, rice, pears, blueberries, currants, walnuts, legumes, cheese, etc. should be abandoned, because they usually lead to constipation.

Of laxative to the mother during lactation should be abandoned. Because these drugs may cause undesirable reaction of the child including. Moreover, this reaction can be expressed in the form of pain syndromes. Young mother to improve the situation, recommend the use of medicinal herbal preparations. So, a great option is the potato juice, diluted with water in equal proportions. To make this remedy you need a quarter Cup an hour before meals.

You can also use massage of the abdomen. For his performance enough to lie on the bed, bend your knees and intensely massage the skin from navel to groin. The massage is 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can just slightly changed stroking the abdomen around the navel clockwise for 10 minutes.

Naturally, you have to take care to add into your life a little more traffic. Fresh air, walks and other activity - the key to the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Need less to sit and lie down, and walk more, because the movement promotes the health of intestines and positively affects the crushing of cal.

If without medicines not to manage, it is better to choose candles. Often advised glycerine. However, it is worth remembering that suppozitorii not recommended if the woman observed hemorrhoids (the acute stage), cracks in the anus, tumors of the rectum. Before applying you should consult with your doctor.