A sofa for dolls

To manufacture the sofa you will need a foam sponge for washing dishes, better different sizes and fabric. It is better to choose a thick cloth, velvet, teak, satin, upholstery flok, but if there are any.

Of the jaws need to put the required shape of the sofa. Easy to work with them because one side is usually more dense — this is the lower part of the base. Of the two parts, you can make the arms, another of the couples — the back of the couch. Some of the lips can be rounded using scissors. To fix the result, it is convenient to use a long needle and thread to sew through the foam and fasten it in several places.

Then the fabric need to cut a few parts of a suitable size and wrap the foam. It is convenient to cut a long strip, the width from one armrest to the other and wrap the base together with the back. Then separately close the side arms. All items are sewn using a short needle and thread the right color. If the girl has skills with a needle, it is possible to entrust this business to her.

Sofa with wooden armrests or backrest

In the same way, you can make a sofa or bed with wooden back, legs or arms. This cardboard must be cut right components, very impressive looking openwork, with the holes of the backrest or the side pieces. If the cardboard is thin, it is better to use 2-3 layers, add a layer of batting for softness. You then need to attach this detail to the adhesive paper "wooden" (or any other) color and cut, leaving a seam allowance of 3-4 cm from the edges. These edges gently bend and glue, making the cuts on corners and curves.

Then to make the item the other party to the same paper and cut without the allowances. The result is a finished back or the marginalia of the "wood" colors, durable enough for a doll bed.

If all parts of the sofa made of cardboard, they can simply be glued together with tape or self-adhesive paper. If there is a need to connect the spongy mattress with wooden headboard — you can just sew right through them, because the cardboard is also easily pierced with a needle.

Very cozy look to give the sofa the little pads from the same fabric as the soft blanket with tassels. A little nolavconsole, you can learn to do folding, corner sofas, armchairs, models with built-in table or drawers (for example, from matchboxes).