How to put braces

Set the bracket system is as follows: you are located in the dental chair and the orthodontist carefully glued to the surface of your tooth via the small rectangular bracket. They are usually made from plastic, metal or ceramic. Gluing all the elements, the orthodontist will connect them with a metal arc of a special alloy, which will push the teeth to the desired position by correcting the bite. Install braces are uncomfortable, but not sick in the process.

The only discomfort you can feel from the installation of the braces are aching and stiff muscles of the jaw, because some time will have to sit with an open mouth.

After leaving the orthodontist with braces in your mouth for 3-5 days you will experience some discomfort. This is due to the appearance of a foreign body in the mouth that may wound or to RUB her delicate mucosa. The sensitive patients with a high pain threshold will mark a dull slight pain in the teeth, which slowly begins to move in the gums. By the end of the first week wearing braces discomfort virtually disappear, and you get used to the braces, as a family.

What to do when the pain from the braces

If teeth with braces still deliver a pretty significant discomfort, you can take some action. So, when severe or constant pain can take traditional painkillers – but only after a meal so as not to hurt the stomach. In the case of irritated mucosa of the mouth braces great help orthodontic wax, which is pasted on the rubbing part of the braces. When the mucous get used to the foreign body, the need to use the wax will disappear.

Well and rinsing the mouth with warm salty water, which reduces the intensity of pain.

If the braces scratched mucosa, need to be purchased at the pharmacy a special tool that will ease the pain, prevent infection and speed up the healing of small scratches. If you do not know which tool is more effective consult your orthodontist will tell you the specific drug, given the characteristics of your oral cavity. In addition, while wearing braces teeth need to be cleaned after each meal so that bacteria do not begin to multiply in your helpless mouth, causing more bad toothache.