You will need
  • - herbal preparations;
  • - cabbage;
  • - beets;
  • - vitamins.
Make an appointment with a mammologist, gynecologist or oncologist. The doctor will examine the Breasts and give direction on ultrasound or mammogram. After examination and blood sampling for hormone levels, to you will appoint treatment. If you are proposing a puncture, do not give up. The procedure is not dangerous and consists in the puncture of the hollow needle, after which the liquid out and fill the void with air. The rehabilitation process is quick.
Usually the cysts are formed on the background of hormonal disorders. Therefore, often treatment is reduced only to reception of hormonal drugs that promote the resorption of tumors. Strictly follow the regimens prescribed by a doctor all means, otherwise, if you do not do what is prescribed, you can be on the operating table.
As auxiliary treatment, can take herbs. Buy in a pharmacy any fee for the treatment of mastitis. They include absorbable and anti-inflammatory ingredients of natural origin. Also, these fees prevent the growth of cysts and protect the body from cancer.
Make a compress of cabbage leaves. Repel the washed sheet and attach to the chest. Capture the bra or cling film. You need to keep about 2-3 hours. Instead of cabbage and beets. Grate it on a grater and put it on the cellophane. Attach to the chest and lie down for a few hours, then rinse with warm water.
Take vitamins, preferably those that contain a high concentration of iodine. Don't forget to periodically visit the doctor. You can talk to him and at the expense of physical treatment, which also has a beneficial effect and promotes a speedy recovery. Be careful - breast cancer can occur suddenly.