Children are the greatest imitators who want to be in all similar to adults. Not surprisingly, the designers took this fact into service, creating stylish images that are small copies of adult fashion clothes. Not only girls, young ladies, but boys want to look like mom and dad and taking on "adult" styles. But still in the children's clothing is dominated by brighter color and prints of pictures of your favorite cartoon characters. It therefore differs from an adult.
The sense of taste and style children are encouraged, first and foremost, parents. They lay the initial basic knowledge about how to look like the wardrobe of the child and what kind of clothes more suitable for a given situation.
When choosing clothes for everyday wear, consider that a child, particularly a very young age, you want comfortable clothing. Because children constantly being in active movement, should not feel constraint due to the fact that the clothes are not too successfully. No matter how beautiful and fashionable a thing is, it should not be too narrow, or, on the contrary, balahonistyh a long or short or too brand. To play on the street should give preference to practical, high-quality clothes, preferably not too bright colors. If you want to diversify boring grey, brown and black colors just add bright accessories: scarves, hats, gloves, bags can be any cheerful color.
In addition to the lack of stiffness, the child's clothing should not cause discomfort during wear. It depends on the materials from which manufactured products. Optimal can become a natural fabric of linen, cotton, wool and silk. You should also pay attention to the quality of the internal seams, they should not be too coarse, so as not to injure the delicate baby skin. The dyes used in the manufacture of products, must be natural. Otherwise there is a risk of allergic reaction. Well, if plus the materials are easy to be washed off, cleaned and ironed quickly.
The child is the age it is already possible to explain the difference between a casual street-clothes and "exit". So going to visit, or a festive event, choose elegant clothes brighter or lighter shades than usual. Girls perfect dresses, for example, floral prints, and boys silk shirts with pants or jeans.
Do I need a balance between fashion and practicality? Of course. Leading brands offer children's clothing, combining style and pragmatism. The task of parents is not easy to dress the child in clothes, which seems to them beautiful and stylish, but also try to consider the tastes and wishes of the mod, to give the opportunity to Express individuality starting from a very early age.