Buy for your teenager only the clothes he chooses. Indeed, in this age it is so important to belong to any group, and after the appearance of the often the teenager trying to Express your inner attitude. Don't tell him this or that chosen thing can not be worn, this is permissible only if it is absolutely beyond the pale.
Purchase for a teenager pair of jeans. Let alone be classic blue, and other bright, with decorations, crystals, or stripes. Always in the locker room should be a large number of different t-shirts and t-shirts like a bright color and conventional black and white.
Select a few plaid for a boy and for girls. For boys, purchase a slim wool sweater, a vest, and for girls — a sweater, cardigan short jacket. Designers teen clothing give special preference to tissues in different cage.
Please note that teen fashion is welcomed by layering clothing. Looks great, for example, with jeans shirt, from under collar which looks Mike. In the winter wear top sweater with V-neck or jacket.
Buy the teenager a pair of comfortable shoes for every occasion different. For walking buy lightweight running shoes, sneakers, ballet flats or shoes with a small heel. High heel choose only for the holiday exits.
Do not forget the accessories. Over a turtleneck or shirt you can tie the oversized scarf bright color scarf. For boys, purchase a bright tie, a wide belt with rivets. For girls perfect bracelets, necklaces, rings with unusual shapes.
Select for school or College apparel, close to the classic business style. Prefer dark gray, black, white, blue shades of fabric. So she can look fashionable at school, slip into the girl tight skirt just above the knee, light blouse, top and short jacket. Boys should wear a school shirt, pants, vest and jacket. In winter, the vest can be replaced by a warm sweater.