Blinds made of paper or non-woven Wallpaper multi-functional: they can be used to protect Windows during repair, replace bored with the fabric or make a bright note in the decoration of the apartment. Making paper blinds will not require much time and effort, will allow to save budgetary funds.

Preliminary measurements

In front of the Venetian blinds from the remnants of Wallpaper is necessary to make careful measurements of the window that will accommodate the curtains. The width of the blinds should match the window width, and the length should be a quarter more than the value obtained in the measurement. In the future, this stock is the length you will need by folding accordion Wallpapers. The same length it is necessary to prepare a narrow satin ribbon or any other beautiful ribbon or cord to control the finished curtain.

Venetian blinds

From the remnants of Wallpaper with a utility knife, cut out a rectangle the dimensions of which correspond to the measurements. If the Wallpaper has a complex pattern, it is important to ensure that it was not crooked or ugly cropped – it can ruin the overall appearance of the finished curtains.

After that, the sheet of Wallpaper are beginning to collect a neat accordion. The optimal width of each fold is 4-5 cm Below the folds was smooth, we recommend pre-marking the workpiece with a pencil and a ruler. To strengthen the top of the curtains need to glue together the last two folds of the Wallpaper - this measure blinds will provide the desired strength and will withstand continuous operation.

Assembled accordion paper canvas define the middle and using a sharp awl or hole punch make a through hole. Very nice looking blinds, to use the hole-punch, making the notched hole in the shape of a flower, tree leaf, heart, etc. on the inner side of the hole should be reinforced with tape, and then punching a hole punch these locations. Through the holes gently put a string in the top of the curtains, his tie a solid knot and fixed with double-sided tape. The tape should be stuck over the entire width of the leaf: thus the curtain will be fixed to the frame or in the window opening.

If desired, the through holes can be done in the Central part of the blinds, and on both edges, as implemented in the curtains factory production. In this case you will need another piece of ribbon or cord for the blinds. Through the holes put a string, output end on the front side, the canvas blinds spread. The lower ends of the cord are supplied with clamps. Lifting the curtains just enough to pull the latch up to close the window – the latch is lowered on the cord down.

Decoration blinds

Bottom ready paper curtains can be left smooth or place in a fan. For this 5-6 lower folds of the blind bend in the middle and glued together in the form of a semicircle. The end of the cord can be decorated with bright bead or other decorative element.