Who is the therapist

A psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist – is there a difference between these professionals? It turns out there.

The psychologist, for example, explores the state of mind of a healthy person. A psychiatrist is a qualified doctor who has been providing medical assistance to a person with mental disorders.

A psychotherapist is a trained specialist who is right and is able to diagnose mental illness and treat them. Moreover, as the pills from problems of the patient, the therapist most often uses a psychological impact. The main weapon of the psychotherapist – conversation, different from ordinary household conversation and also guidance, to ensure that the patient has learned to interact with the outside world.

Important! If the therapist insists on drug treatment of mental disorder or disease, should refuse his services. A real specialist will not prescribe medicines, he will refer you to a physician practice.

A therapist can prescribe medication in the case if his basic medical education and also provided that his work confirmed the license of the medical institution, where he works. Psychotherapist will prescribe medications only in case if it will not aggravate the patient's condition. Furthermore, the necessity of taking the medicine must be mutually recognized.

Psychotherapeutic practice in Russia

In Russia psychotherapeutic education based or medical, psychological or Humanities course. Therefore, in domestic practice it is possible to meet a psychotherapist or a psychologist-psychotherapist.

Psychotherapist may help people suffering from reversible or irreversible mental disorders and mentally healthy people, but who have experienced complex stress situation that led to the temporary personality disorders.

Psychologist-a therapist helps mentally healthy people and people with neurotic disorders, neurotic reactions to stress, and so on. In other cases, the psychologist-psychotherapist works together with the psychiatrist or the doctor-psychotherapist.

How to understand that you have a mental disorder

The main indication that the person has a mental disorder is a manifestation of mental illness and disturbance. Mental illness is trauma to the thoughts, feelings, will. These disorders are manifested, as a rule, in a protracted depression, hallucinations, phobias, race General sentiment and other indicators.