Subliminate. Sublimation is the redirection of sexual energy into work or creativity. One of the best ways to extinguish the passion to plunge into work or chores. Work so that at the end of the day did not have the strength absolutely. It dulls sexual desire, and the energy that nourishes them, will be directed to a peaceful course. So it is possible to improve and to increase just because your partner went on a business trip or to the cottage.
Engage in sports or physical labor. Sex helps to burn testosterone and adrenaline. They can spend also during heavy physical exertion. Besides that you will be able to comply with moral obligations, you are still a couple of pounds will drop or build the greenhouse in the country that also will not be in vain.
Engage in self-love. If the cheating you don't need, and throw the sexual tension is very necessary, do some Masturbation. This is a very useful way to get rid of the obsessive desires of sex.
Engage directly with sex. Above, we proceeded from the fact that it is necessary to cope with sexual desirewhen you are in a period of enforced loneliness. However, we should not neglect the sex, if the partner is near you. In this case, to suppress sexual desires or guide them in another direction is not necessary.