Crab sticks, what is it?

Unfortunately, the crab sticks in its composition do not have crabs. This product made of surimi - minced fish, and the cheapest. Marine life is thoroughly washed and treated, which turns the stuffing tasteless. To crab sticks have an attractive appearance and aroma? they add monosodium glutamate, and to extend shelf life and add more preservatives. Thanks to all of the additives, the meat acquires a pleasant taste, aroma and looks juicy, though superficially he doesn't look like crab meat. To illustrate on sticks applied bold stripes.

After all the manipulations get crab sticks or how to read the packaging, simulation. Of course, for a healthy diet this product is not well suited as nutritionists speak negatively about food production. According to them, all filled with additives and brewed and processed at the plant should be removed from the menu.

Crab sticks and diet

Calories in crab sticks a little. 100 grams of product 73 kcal. I ate crab sticks for weight loss? the answer is very difficult, it all depends on what diet is selected. For example, if the person takes off weight by counting calories, then a couple sticks for lunch to eat. The main thing is not to go beyond the norm of consumption of calories. Those people who follow a specific diet, then you need to look specifically permitted and prohibited products.

In any case, if during the diet people decided to eat crab sticks, before buying the product, it is recommended to study composition. In the first place in the list of ingredients needs to be surimi. If he stands on the second place, it is necessary to abandon such a product, minced meat in it at least.

Diet crab sticks

There is a diet for crab sticks. It is simple and not time consuming. In order to throw off the hated pounds? should be within 3-4 days to eat two products: crab sticks and yogurt. On the day allowed 200 grams of each product. All the food should be divided into 5 meals, the portions should be the same. Is recommended at regular intervals of time.
In such a diet the body gets only 300 kcal. A deficit in which a person begins to lose weight. During the diet need drink plenty of water and green tea. This will help to cleanse the body of toxins.