Advice 1: What if the employee's child is pigeon-toed on one foot

In children the reason for kosolapy is often untreated dysplasia, hypertonia of muscles or rickets. Club foot is treated with courses of massages and baths, gym and swimming pool.
Clubfoot the child
At the age of one year most children already have to walk. It was during this period revealed all kinds of orthopedic issues, including clubfoot" - the habit of putting the foot when walking toe inside. The child may not be able to put both legs or just one, but in any case he needs to see an orthopedic surgeon and osteopath.

Some parents do not pay attention clubfoot, considering that baby's just easier to move that way, and over time he learns to walk properly. Happens sometimes, but more often clubfoot is indicative of a health problems.

Why year old child can clubfoot on one foot

There are several most common causes of viral installation of the foot (doctors call this problem). In the first place is the hypertonicity of the muscles, when the muscles are always more intense as compared to others. When unilateral hypertonicity child wryly puts one leg and walking forward exposes one shoulder.

The cause of clubfoot may be hip dysplasia is not detected at an early age. While underdeveloped the joint gets stiff and the child when walking forced to turn socks inside to facilitate movement.

Another possible cause is a slight degree of rickets, in which slightly distorted the tibia, and the child simply cannot put a foot right.

What to do if a child is pigeon-toed on one foot

To establish the cause of clubfoot and prescribe treatment can only a doctor. When dysplasia and hypertonicity excellent results gives a foot massage, starting from the gluteal region and ending with the soles of their feet. Parents can consult a professional massage therapist or to perform massages for the child. With hypertonicity podiatrist often appoints kid coniferous-salt bath, swimming pool and special exercises to relieve tension in the muscles.

It is very important to follow the diet of the child. Problems with the musculoskeletal system often occur due to lack of calcium and phosphorus, therefore, of a kid's menu must be fish, cheese and other dairy products.

Should be chosen for baby shoes with a closed nose and tight high heel, which captures the good foot. Do not wear sandals and booties with soft soles or walking across the floor in socks. But to run in the warm season barefoot on pebbles or sand, is very good for strengthening the arch of the foot.

Advice 2: How to make a coniferous-salt bath

Coniferous bath is well known for its relaxing and calming effect, shown in insomnia, neuroses, vascular and cardiac ailments, hypertension. More use of coniferous baths will bring, if you add to it sea or table salt.
How to make a coniferous-salt bath
You will need
  • - natural pine needles or pine extract;
  • regular or sea salt;
  • - pine branches, needles or green cones.
There are many recipes coniferous-salt bath, for both natural pine needles, and its extracts in dry or liquid form. Liquid extract you will need 50-100 ml of dry 2 tablets (can one). To enhance the therapeutic effect of the needles is added to sodium chloride or sea salt (about a kilogram in 150-200 l of water). However, to take such baths for therapeutic purposes should be after medical examination and consultation.
The water temperature for the coniferous-salt bath do in the range of 35-37 degrees. Get everything you need for a comfortable bath. As it has a marked relaxing property, do not get comfortable. A bath should take no longer than 15 minutes. Do not immerse in water up to the neck, the thorax should be placed on the surface. After the bath it is advisable to wash the intimate area with running water.
If you prefer to use natural ingredients make a bath for this recipe. Take pine twigs, needles and green cones in equal parts. Pour in the cold water for half an hour will boil. Pour the infusion into a container and soak approximately 12 hours. Also you will need a kilogram of common salt, or a bag (300-500 g) sea. If you do a full bath, pine infusion take 1.5 liters, for "half" bath is 750 ml, and for sedentary and foot – 250 ml.
Doctors often prescribe coniferous-salt bath excitable children with hypertonicity and sleep disorders. Contraindications for their reception there. Prepare for baby bath food coarse salt in the amount of 150-200 g. Note that the colored and scented salts cannot be used. Children suitable extracts of pine needles, and independently gathered pine twigs and needles. Boil collection, strain thoroughly and add to the bath along with the salt. Children under one year of bath salts you need to take no more glasses (possible sea salt). Duration of procedure – 10-15 minutes (depending on age). After the bath podmosti baby with plain water, not washing the salt from the body. Do not tighten with an evening bath is the best time for it to 19 hours.
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