Products needed for cooking

To prepare a souffle from the liver, you need the following ingredients: 500 g of liver, kurne 2 eggs, 150 g onions, 150 g carrots, 5 tbsp. of 20% cream, 1st. L. flour, salt and ground black pepper to taste fresh dill or parsley. Take a small piece of butter for greasing forms.

It is best to use for cooking beef or chicken liver. It was washed thoroughly under running cold water and purified from the films.

Souffle recipe from the liver in the oven

Carrots are washed and peeled. With onions remove the husk. Prepared root vegetables cut into small pieces and mince or ground submersible blender.

The liver is also a small cut with wire cutters and ground. In a bowl break the eggs, whisk them until frothy and add to taste salt and ground black pepper. Combine the egg mixture with chopped liver. Add minced 20% cream and mix thoroughly.

Flour sifted through a fine sieve and injected into the meat. Then mince mixed with vegetables. Form for baking grease with butter and put in her liver dough. Oven heated to 180oC and submit the form to the middle tier. After about 10 minutes the heating is recommended to be reduced to 150. The prepared soufflé from the liver in the oven takes about 40 minutes.

Ready a soufflé removed from the oven. You can use it as your main hot dishes. In this case, the soufflé from the liver is carefully removed from the mold and serve garnished with the fresh chopped herbs. A great addition to the dish will be potatoes, rice, steamed vegetables.

In addition, a liver is often used as a cold snacks. It is necessary to wait for the full cooling meals. Then cut into beautiful slices and served with pickled onions, cornichons, olives.

Souffle "kindergarten"

To prepare soufflé "kindergarten" 'll need: 500 g of liver, 100 g of bread, 1 onion, butter for greasing forms, milk for soaking the bread, salt to taste.

Liver boil in salted water until tender. Then the liver is removed from the boiling water and leave to cool. Baton soak in milk. The cooled liver is cut into small pieces and mince together with onion and pressed loaf.

The obtained kneaded thoroughly minced. Optionally, you can add a little milk to make the souffle was more gentle. Form for baking grease with butter and put in her stuffing. Bake souffle in the oven at a temperature of 180-200oC for 15-20 minutes. The dish is served with mashed potatoes, garnished with fresh herbs.

Souffle of liver with the texture of semolina

To prepare soufflé you need: 670 g liver, 100 g onions, 2 eggs, 50 g semolina, 50 g 10% sour cream.

The liver is ground in a blender and add to it finely shinkovannyj a bulb onion, sour cream, semolina and chicken egg yolks. Whites whipped in a solid foam and add to stuffing. All components are thoroughly mixed.

Form for baking grease with vegetable oil and put in her stuffing. The oven heated to 180oC and submit the form to the middle tier. Souffle from the liver will be ready after 30 minutes.