Garden support for clematis and other climbing plants is an important element in landscape design. It will help the flowers to grow and develop in the right direction in what you ask him. Such designs with flowering plants will be the center of attention in your yard. Besides, plants used for vertical gardening, perfect to cover unsightly buildings. Support for clematis is very easy to do yourself.

What support is ideal for clematis

Support for the clematis in the first place, should be strong, as the plant is growing quite strongly. Plays an important role and appearance support. When creating it you need to consider that after the summer the foliage and flowers will fall off, and your design will be visible. It should therefore build so that in the autumn-winter season, this structure did not spoil the plot. Metal supports better paint in any color. The construction of wood treated with antiseptics and other materials. Color processing of the material is recommended to choose one that will blend in with the color of other nearby buildings.

What material to build supports for clematis

For the construction of a suitable metal profile or area. Looks nice solid metal rods that are created in the form of an arch. Clematis, located on the trellis is another suitable option. To build such support, it is necessary, first, to choose the suitable size bars. In order for the tapestry was very good at keeping its digged into the ground to a depth of 40-50 cm, a Height of the support may be around 160 cm or more. The distance between the main bars leave 120-150 cm Then they are connected to the mounting plate. How to arrange them, here it should trigger your imagination. They are placed horizontally or at an angle.

If you intend to place the vine near a fence, the clematis will grow well mounted on a metal grid with large cells. It is only necessary to attach to the fence. Support can be made of wicker. To do this, they connect on top, and between them pull a solid wire. Support is obtained in the form of a tripod. Can be made of the same material support in the form of a fan. The same design can be created and from the metal fittings.

Based on the foregoing, a support for the clematis can be done by without investing in its creation a lot of time, effort and financial costs. The main condition - good stability of the construction.