Before agreeing to head, try to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of the decision. Answer the following questions:

  • What is my place in the company?
  • What are my inner desires?
  • How high I want to climb the corporate ladder?
  • Will the promotion to uncover my inner potential?

So you've answered the questions, decided to become head — what next? What to do and what not to do to not mess things up on new posts?

1. It is not necessary to make a revolution in the order established in the team, because sudden changes will cause a strong rejection, and instead the creative process can begin, the opposing team Manager. If you are not satisfied with something in work organization or in personnel policy — make changes is imperceptible, gradual, step-by-step.

The opposite decisions will need outright bums who believe that their work no one was watching. A good shake will make them to work hard or to quit, which is not always bad for the organization.

2. Don't ask for tips and advice to senior colleagues or superiors too often, especially on unimportant matters. Make decisions on their own — after all, you head. Thus it is not superfluous to listen to the advice of experienced staff, even if they are lower rank. In any group there are people who are caring and will always give constructive advice. Find these people, not turn them into Pets is not like the others. Head for all should be the same.

3. Excessive zeal and workaholism is not a measure of a good leader, after all, supposed to be a happy medium. Efficiency, objectivity, rationality, serenity — it's what the average head from his boss.

4. Do not try to adjust to the team and please everyone because it is simply impossible. If you decided to follow him. But this does not mean that decisions cannot be changed. Just it should not happen under pressure of the team, and your decision. Follow the rule: determine what the goal is and how it can be implemented, it will help to soberly assess the situation

5. Again about Pets. Often the young leader is trying to bring to my informal leader of the team, in order to provide support through it. There can begin scheming, the people will begin to inform on each other, which will result in distorted information. Remember that the team could develop a persistent hostile attitude, which may not always reflect reality. Therefore, keep a normal distance with everyone and just organize the work correctly, then the result will not keep itself waiting.