Recipe for homemade corned beef Turkey

To prepare stew from the Turkey you will need:
Turkey medium size — 1 piece.
- Bay leaves — 8 PCs.;
- 1 tsp peas of black pepper;
- banks;
- foil.

In water at room temperature, place Turkey carcass, so she turned out all the blood. Keep the Turkey in water for about 2-3 hours.

Now you need to carve the bird. Remove the large bones. Thin ribs Turkey can be chopped, then add to the stew and then they will acquire a delicate flavour. Keep in mind that small bones can be very dangerous. Cut away the fatty tissue, which is useful as a preservative. Bones from which you remove meat, you can use for the broth. The carcass, cut the meat, which you then cut into small pieces, weigh and salt the following calculation: 1 kg of meat requires 1 tsp. of salt.

For the preservation and storage of stew it is better to choose banks with a small volume. Carefully sterilize liter jars, on the bottom place 2-3 Bay leaves and 5 grains of black pepper. Fill cans with Turkey meat and add 3/4 of boiled water. The neck of the cans, close the foil.

The pan cover with a towel, put in jars and send the pan in the oven, which should include at 180oC. The meat should stew for about 3 hours. Banks with ready stew roll sterilized lids, flip and heat wrap. To keep the stew from the Turkey needs to cool place.

Stew Turkey in a slow cooker

You will need:
Turkey medium size — 1 piece.
- black pepper (peas) — to taste;
- Bay leaves — 8-10 PCs.;
- salt (to taste).

Turkey carcass, initially need singe, wash and dry with paper towels. Skin birds, separate the meat from the bones and cut it into small pieces. Small bones from the ribs and wings can be removed immediately, but can not touch, because they are easily removed from the finished stew. The total number of all meat stew definitely weigh.

In a saucepan multivarki put all of the resulting meat, add 200 ml of water and cook in the "Quenching" for about 3 hours. Water can add a little bit, because in the process of cooking meat gives off juice. 1 hour before end of cooking add spices: salt (1 kg poultry 1 tbsp. salt, peppercorns and Bay leaf. For a traditional taste of corned Turkey the spices enough, you can also add seasoning to your desire and taste.

Meanwhile, prepare sterilized jars, which must lay the still hot stew, cover, flip and cover with something warm. If you are going to store the stew for a long time (up to 5 years), increase 2 times the amount of salt, and banks to sterilize about 1 hour.

To keep the stew should be refrigerated. It can also fill the containers and send in the freezer.