Fur coat in a dream. The Dream Miller

Coat, as interpreted Gustav Miller, says about material wealth of the dreamer: in the near future it will have everything you need for a happy and comfortable life. At the same time, Miller believes an unfavorable dream in which a person sees an expensive fur accessory: the destiny has prepared him a very nasty surprise.

To see yourself in a dream in ragged and dirty fur coat to a significant improvement of material conditions in reality. This dream will take the hardships and sorrows of the dreamer. To buy a fur coat in a fur store – to violent novel: the dreamer will develop a great relationship with your partner. For young mothers this dream promises the emergence on the horizon of a wealthy admirer.

What had the coat? Dream Interpretation Freud

Sigmund Freud interprets such dreams in his characteristic manner. In particular, buying a fur coat in a dream tells about a certain stiffness of the dreamer on his timidity. The reality of the person seeing such a dream, unwilling to communicate with the unfamiliar environment, fear of all sorts of provocations and condemnations. Such people Sigmund Freud recommends not to dwell on bad thoughts, and remember that their personal life is interesting not for everyone.

To see yourself in a dream dressed in an expensive fur coat – indecision any action. Freud believed that the dreamer in real life, something prevents to be liberated. Maybe it is connected with recent systems, for example, in sexual terms: the dreamer uncomfortable to have sex because he is not sure that in the next half hour him and his sexual partner won't be disturbed.

Why dream coat? Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov sees nothing in such dreams. In particular, wear in the dream itself on a chic fur coat and a long road that will be marred by any incidents. This journey will suck out of the dreamer's mental strength and financial means. Evgeny Tsvetkov gives another interpretation to this dream: there will be a huge scandal, able for life to tarnish the reputation of the dreamer. To steal in a dream coat to family squabbles and turmoil.

Modern dream interpretation: the coat

Coat black color represents death. Light coat – a symbol of disease. Dirty coat, on the contrary, dream of money and success. To wear the dream coat and experience the inconvenience – to a profitable acquaintance with some influential person. Mink coat dreaming for a long journey, and the coat of the ermine – to new friendships, which will be dangerous to the dreamer.