The interpretation of dreams candy

If you dream you see a chocolate candy or sweets in beautiful wrappers, in near future you will find many pleasant surprises. If you unwrap the candy and eat it, soon you can get acquainted with attractive and intelligent man. It is not excluded that some random guy will be for you a real gift of fate.
If you dream you make candy with your hands, then your work will be definitely appreciated. Wait for a promotion or receiving an unexpected profit.

Buying candy at the store heralds the visit distant relatives or friends with whom you have not seen. The surprise will be definitely enjoyable.

To give or get candy in a dream – a good sign. If you are taking a sweet gift, soon you will be invited to a happy holiday. To give someone a candy – sign of the upcoming best Dating. However, if a man dreams that he brings candy in a closed box to a woman, in real life, his beloved won't reciprocate. If you were going to make an offer hands and hearts, then this venture should be postponed. Otherwise, it is likely that you will get a rejection from the girl.

If you enjoy the taste of candy in a dream, it presages prosperity and a happy carefree life. Soon you won't be upset. If candy was with crispy stuffing, then pleasant surprises are waiting for you with love relationships.
Sour candy portend disease. Possible necessarily undergo a medical examination.

Candy, accidentally found in the pocket, it foretells unexpected or pleasant trifle. It is likely that you will find the lost item, will receive a small profit or you will call the people with whom you have not seen.

When the candy in the dream is considered a warning

If you dream you are deploying a bright and beautiful wrapper, but inside you see the usual candy or sweetness that you don't like in real life, then you need to pay more attention to new acquaintances. Probably behind a mask of well-wisher will hide the deceitful and treacherous people.

Women who dream of the real boogey man, should pay attention to their behavior and manner of communication. Most likely, you are too often flirt with men, which can lead to some problems. Courtship of some of the knights will be too Intrusive and even rude.

Candy and empty candy wrappers are a bad sign. You will become a victim of deception or fraud. Try not to trust random friends and don't make deals with shady partners.