Financially literate person knows that free money should not lie dead cargo. Otherwise they will depreciate (usually, the longer the money is, the more they lose in value). In other words, in a year the same amount will buy fewer goods and services.

So honestly earned money it is better to keep not at home (especially if they represent a significant amount), and in various financial tools that not only save your capital, but will even bring some income.

Bank deposits

Perhaps the most simple and accessible (and understandable) view of the deposits. Of Deposit is not necessary to have a deep knowledge in the field of Economics and Finance, need only come to the Bank (fortunately, today, even in small towns there are Bank branches), to execute the contract and Deposit money into a savings account.

Typically, different banks the contribution conditions are significantly different, though each of them has several types of accounts that the client could choose the most suitable one. Better if percent on the contribution will not be below the refinancing rate (to clarify, it can also in the Bank branch), then the client's money will at least save. Usually banks offer 6% to 11% per annum, while the longer the Deposit term, the greater interest rate on it.

Customers can open deposits in rubles, dollars and euros. In some banks there is also the possibility to open the metal deposits (silver, gold, platinum); in this case, the account owner gets the profit from the higher prices for precious metals, but it is not guaranteed, because metal prices can and fall.

It is recommended to make deposits in several banks. After all, any Bank is not insured from bankruptcy, but the banks do not go bankrupt all at once, first and foremost, doing it the smallest. For even greater protection of deposits, you should use the services of banks that participate in the state Deposit insurance system, which allows in the case of the failure of financial institutions to refund the amount of the contribution to 700 000 roubles (in one Bank).

One of the advantages of the method it is possible to note a guaranteed rate of return, ease of use and accessibility (you can find the types of Deposit accounts from 1000 rubles).

Of the downsides of a low yield (which, however, is enough for saving of the money) and a small percentage in case of early termination of the contract (if customer urgently need the money).

Real estate

If you have a fairly large amount of money then you can buy a property, lease it and then to get steady passive income. If you own real estate not in a small town crisis, it is likely from year to year will add to price. And after a while you can still profitably sell your property.

Advantages of the method: a stable regular income and security of investment.

Cons: a large threshold for entrance.

Unit investment trust (UIT)

Investors voluntarily invest in mutual funds with a view to profit. Manages a mutual Fund management company investing in various financial instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.). For the money the shareholders receive the shares, and if the money of the mutual Fund are invested effectively, the cost of each unit increases.

The management company receives remuneration in the amount of several percent per year of contribution of each shareholder. Yield mutual Funds are not guaranteed, but also high yield mutual Fund in the past does not ensure its high performance in the future.

Distinguish Mutual Funds:

- open the client which can redeem their shares for cash in any working day.
interval, to extinguish the share in which it is possible only in certain intervals.
closed, to exchange his share of the money only upon completion of the activities of the mutual Fund.

Advantages of the method: the minimum initial Deposit is a few thousand, the depositor does not require special financial knowledge and manage your assets, you can choose a mutual Fund with a suitable risk/return profile, it is possible to obtain a high income.

Disadvantages of the method: high risk investments, besides you can't affect where the management company invests your money.

A type of mutual Fund can be considered a common Fund of Bank management (mutual Fund) - this Fund, like a mutual Fund, only they do not dispose of the management company and the Bank.

The foreign exchange market (Forex)

Activity on the Forex is not an investment or even business, contrary to the opinion of many currency traders. It would be better to call it speculation (buy cheap, sell more expensive).

The main advantage of the game in the foreign exchange market is a huge possible returns, which is usually achieved by using a large leverage. The yield can reach hundreds of percent per annum. However, in practice, to obtain something like this very difficult. Indeed, thanks all the same leverage to lose all your money because suddenly unfolded in the opposite direction of course also very easy.

This area is favorable only to professionals with a good economic and financial knowledge, in addition to everything else, and very stable emotionally. Although, thanks to the marketing tricks many Forex centers, the population is widely believed that to make good income from currency trading very easy. That is why the crowd of newbies come to the Forex lose their money (or rather, give the dealing centers, ensure their access to the Forex market) and after the first major defeat had it not returned.

Not in the hands of beginners, and the fact that the Forex in Russia is not controlled by the laws, therefore, if you encounter problems to seek protection of their rights is likely to be.

It is also noteworthy that many offices offer participation in the auctions with very small amounts (300 rubles). On the real currency market with such a ridiculous amount client was not allowed - there are transactions in the amount of at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. This means that if you put even a few tens of thousands of rubles in a deal, in fact, the money does not go to the real market. Your funds do not leave Forex even outside the office that you brought them with me. All clients foreign exchange office sign with other customers. For it sometimes foreign exchange offices called "kitchens". So if you still want to try yourself in the Forex market – you will need a lot of money or a very large and well known Forex offices in which are traded between multiple clients.

Advantages of the method: the ability to make a profit of hundreds of percent per annum, a very small amount of investment.

Disadvantages of the method: a high probability of losing the money invested, especially to a layman in the field, which is also not controlled by the laws of the Russian Federation.

The stock market (shares)

Investments in the shares of domestic and foreign enterprises is one of the most profitable types of investment, however, also one of the very risky. The risk is unfavourable for the holder of the change in the stock price. The customer buys the stock, believing that in the future the price will rise and he will be able to sell these shares at a higher price. However, the prices of the shares on the stock market is subject to daily fluctuations, they can not only grow, but also fall.

Unlike the currency market, the stock market (where transactions are made with shares) is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. However, to own buy-sell shares, you also need to have special knowledge to produce accurate predictions of rates of securities.

Normally, the minimum amount you need to Deposit into their account to start trading is 10 000 rubles; however, some Russian brokers (Alfa-Bank, KIT Finance) such restrictions are not available.

Advantages of the method: the ability to make a profit of tens to hundreds of percent per annum, the opportunity to choose from a large number of stocks, and develop investment strategies from speculative short-term to long-term.

Cons method: it is necessary to have special knowledge in Finance, Economics, investment management, and to monitor the market.