You can put $1,000 in a Deposit account in the Bank. A lot of profit that you will not bring, but in the red to remain can. In foreign currency accounts during the year you will receive a small income over interest expense. Money $ well protected against inflation, so this amount in the Bank can be a guarantee for your financial peace of mind.
Invest a thousand dollars in securities and you will be able to earn good money. Shares of the world's leading companies showed good growth (especially tech giants Google, Microsoft). To be a shareholder of the prestigious, you will get access to interesting information about profits the leading world and Russian companies. Part of the shares in income due to the dividends; others do not pay dividends, but show annual growth.
There is an option to transfer money under the control of the financial broker. These can be found in most major Russian banks (Sberbank, VTB) or stock exchanges (the largest shopping area in Moscow - MICEX). The task of the broker is to increase your assets and a portfolio of securities. Every professional their tools - from currency to invest in mutual funds.
You can use the rule: "the best way to invest money in its development." Thousands of dollars may be sufficient for learning a foreign language. You can find a professional tutor and take lessons remotely over the Internet from $7-10 per hour. An example of such a language school You can get lessons with native English, German, French languages. But 80-100 hours of intensive training will be enough for language acquisition.
Playing sports can keep your health, which, no doubt, will not buy. Two years of fitness classes, swimming or yoga will allow you to gain activity, peace of mind. Also you can extend the life for several years - agree, good investment of one thousand dollars.
The creation of a small business requires start-up capital - and in some areas $ 1000 would be enough. So, to create a limited liability company requires share capital of 10,000 rubles.