Sleep on a firm is very useful and much better for health than sleeping on soft and comfortable mattress. Too soft a bed or sofa, do not choose at all, because your spine needed a reliable support for rest, which will retain its natural shape, stay in shape and will not develop curvature. In this respect, hard surface is particularly important for the child's spine during the period of its formation or at the first sign of scoliosis.

The arrangement of beds

To sleep on the floor, in principle, possible, but this is optional. Possible and on the beds to make sleep so that the body will relax, and the spine will remain healthy. For this you need to buy a couch or bed with a solid surface. If the bed requires a mattress, you need to buy an orthopaedic or a mattress with increased hardness. The disadvantage of such acquisition would be its high cost, but if human health it is expensive, you can save on other things, but not on the benefits for health. There is a more viable option is to choose a thin mattress, and the springs in the bed to replace the solid planks laid under it. Of course, to perform such an operation needs a specialist as the Board will need to properly fix, sanded and processed.

Sleep on the floor

Choose to sleep on the floor is the most convenient and affordable way to relax on a hard surface. It doesn't need any expensive mattresses, no additional changes in the structure of the bed. However, even in such a simple way to prepare in advance. It would be better if you choose a warm place on the floor, which was removed from Windows and panels. Fine if the floor is covered with parquet or laminate floors, not linoleum, laid on the bare concrete. In this case it is possible to arrange a bed on the carpet to the internal organs didn't get too cold.

Lay on the floor or on the carpet hard rug made of natural wool or thin mattress, which you'll use for sleeping. Prepare a bed, the top can take refuge in a familiar blanket. Placed under its head or a regular pillow, or rolled solid roll of blankets, plaid. Need a little getting used to before you will feel comfortable in a place like this. Usually discomfort from the very beginning is sleeping on his back and the inability to comfortable sleep on your side. But it's a matter of habit. But already from the first days you can feel that the back is no longer tense, it takes fatigue out of the muscles, and you can get a full night's sleep.