Physiological tremor

There are a number of conditions in which the shaking of the hands of children is the norm.

Tremor neonatal. Infants often shaking the handle and chin with weeping, because of the immaturity of the nerve centers responsible for movement. To help the kid quicker to cope with this condition, your doctor may prescribe a relaxing bath with sea salt or soothing collection of herbs, special exercises, long walks in the fresh air.

Hand tremor after exercise. This condition is called muscle fatigue. No therapeutic measures are not required, you just need to give the child a good rest. If tremor after exercise appears regularly – perhaps the child's body too quickly consume potassium and sodium. It is most efficient to replenish these trace elements will help ordinary stewed fruit, and apricots, bananas, dates.

Hand tremor by excitement, stress, emotional stress. If shaking hands the child, who has to speak in front of a large audience, to take the exam, to carry out complex instructions – is also a normal variant. This is caused by the fact that under stress release the hormone adrenaline, causing an involuntary muscle contraction, which is manifested by trembling of the hands. But if this problem is regularly tormented by children attending additional education music or art school where you want regular delivery of tests and exams, you should consider the options of "unloading" of the nervous system of the child. Excitable children, long staying in the "training stress" – risk category, and if in the childhood the body reacts to the tremors, in adulthood, problems may arise. The same applies to very young children suffering from hand tremor each time after crying.

What can we offer to such children as relaxation? First, strict adherence to routines, adequate sleep, a much longer walk. Second, orderly adequate nutrition, minimization or elimination of excitatory substances (Cola, chocolate, strong tea). Thirdly, if the child attends an educational institution receives a first character, definitely at least 2-3 times a week to offer a child every possible physical activity. It can be swimming, Biking, rollerblading, skiing, skating, various games with a ball outdoors, badminton, tennis. As an addition you can use (in the absence of an Allergy after a consultation with the doctor) herbal teas (sedative) fees honey. Occasionally, the doctor may prescribe a mild sedative in the form of pharmaceutical drug, motherwort or Valerian. You should know that the child should such funds not in the form of alcoholic tinctures, and tablets.

Pathological tremor

This condition is usually accompanied by other painful symptoms. It can be caused by various nervous system diseases, injuries, intoxication. And diagnosis, and treatment in these cases should be performed only by a doctor.

If you begin to notice the trembling hands of a child, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. After passing the examination, the doctor will be able to determine the exact cause of the tremor, which will depend on the treatment.