The stood pregnancy, its symptoms and diagnosis

When the stood pregnancy the egg is fertilised, but at a certain stage of development of the embryo stops. An empty gestational SAC may some time to exist in the uterus, and then rejection. The sinking of the pregnancy may happen at a very early and quite late in time. If this happens on a period of more than 28 obstetric weeks this pathology is characterized as the death of the fetus.

Causes of missed abortion can be very much. Most of them are associated with a bad heredity, previously transferred sexually transmitted diseases, use of drugs or alcoholic beverages. The risk of developing this disease increases with age women.

To diagnose non-viable pregnancy is difficult. This can be done only specialist. For a more accurate diagnosis most often used method is ultrasound examination. There are signs that give reason to suspect the cessation of embryo development.

Alarming is the abrupt cessation of toxicity, lowering of basal temperature, also can appear bloody discharge from the genital tract.

That shows test with a missed abortion

During a normal developing pregnancy, the standard test should show 2 bands. This is a sign that fertilization has occurred, the embryo develops and the body produces human chorionic gonadotropin. Improved concentration of HCG in urine is the basis of the principle of the test.

The concentration of the hormone in the urine increases every few days. The longer the pregnancy, the more reliable should be the result of the test.

At the termination of embryonic development, the body stops producing a specific hormone, and its concentration in biological fluids goes down. The rate of decrease of concentration for each individual case. It can depend on various reasons.

Immediately after stopping embryo development test will still show positive results if the concentration of HCG in the urine was sufficient to determine pregnancy. If the point of paralysis pregnancy, her period was very small, after 2-3 days test will show a negative result.

If stopping the development of the embryo takes place at a later date, time is necessary in order for the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin decreased, so the test showed negative result. In medical practice there are cases when rapid analysis gives a positive result even for months after the death of the embryo and its rejection.

Experts claim that a positive value of the test can not serve as a guarantee that the pregnancy develops normally. If you experience any alarming symptoms, you should consult a doctor.